In The Gallery: Valerie Wartelle

Layers of felt, cloth and thread, all brought together with delicate stitching—French artist (and latest King’s Road Gallery resident), Valerie Wartelle's artistic technique is anything but ordinary.

Drawing inspiration from nature and the transitioning seasons, Valerie has poured this unusual technique into her latest exhibition, Wisps & Whispers, to moody autumnal affect.

The motivation behind Wisps & Whispers? Well, who better to describe that than the artist herself:

“My main focus is colour and light. I am fascinated by what it conveys in us as individuals and how we respond to it. Maybe Wisps & Whispers triggers an emotion or a long-lost memory.”

Until you can make it to The Gallery to peruse Wisps & Whispers in person, take an exclusive look at what’s in store.

  • The Storm by Valerie Wartelle

  • Heath by Valerie Wartelle

  • Be Abundant by Valerie Wartelle

Wisps & Whispers will be showing at The King’s Road Gallery until Sunday, 23rd October.